About the EcoGuide

A resource for making better product choices with confidence.

When it comes to meeting your sustainability standard, finding the right products in the least amount of time is key to keeping you moving forward. Too many options and too many opinions aren’t just confusing — they can force you into a decision you may regret.

ecoEcoGuide is here to take the guesswork out of the process, streamlining your product procurement process by helping you make informed purchasing decisions. Through education and shopping guides, EcoGuide helps you uncover the right products for your project goals, the health of your residents and the environment.

Working together as an industry is the key to advancing the building product market towards healthier and affordable products. EcoGuide, made possible by funding from The JPB Foundation and in partnership with the researchers at Healthy Building Network (HBN) is here to help make that movement even easier.

Improving your community

Your residents benefit when you choose healthier materials for your buildings. And those choices have a ripple effect. Products made with healthier ingredients are safer for everyone who comes into contact with them — from extraction to manufacturing to installation to replacement. At every stage of their life, materials have an impact on human and environmental health. EcoGuide helps you make the impact more positive for everyone.

Transparency matters

You have a right to know what’s in your products. HPN believes transparency about product contents is critical to solving our material health challenges. Transparency identifies market opportunity, drives innovation, and stimulates investment in research and development of safer alternatives.

Ask for and prefer products that have a Health Product Declaration (HPD) and include a requirement in specifications that contractors and subcontractors review.

About our EcoGuidance

EcoGuidance represents the environmental impact of a product. Each product category is rated through a unique algorithm developed and regularly reviewed for EcoGuide by industry experts. EcoGuidance is determined by a unique set of category-specific characteristics comprised of manufacturer-supplied data, ecolabels and third-party certifications. Products without EcoGuidance are not a reflection of that product’s environmental impact, only an indication that not enough data is currently available. Encourage your favorite product manufacturers to submit their product information to EcoGuide for review.

About our Healthier Materials Guidance

Individual products can vary significantly in their chemical content — however, some product types generally contain less hazardous materials than others. Healthy Building Network’s science-based Healthier Materials Guidance ranks products on a simplified spectrum of the attributes of key chemicals of concern. Products in the green categories are typically better options than those in the orange or red. Products in the yellow categories are generally less preferable than those at the top but are better choices than those at the bottom.

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